A wedding picnic at Uitsig

There are so many beautiful views on the farm at Uitsig that we like to offer guests the opportunity to experience places other than the venue itself. A fun activity after the wedding ceremony is a picnic at our dam.

Whether you love the tranquil sound of a one-man-band or the toe-tapping songs of the Sedgefield band, nothing beats the warm welcome you get when you arrive at Uitsig’s beautiful picnic spot.

picnic 2

Situated next to the dam (about 500m from the venue), guests can enjoy the sunset while canapes and welcome drinks are served. Picnic boxes filled with freshly baked bread and stuffed with peppadews, green figs and cheese will make you look forward to the main course that will be served later at the venue.

As a wedding favour, you can give all the ladies a pair of flip flops to match the relaxed atmosphere of the picnic. Uitsig also provides a tractor ride to get everybody safely to the venue.

picnic 3

picnic 4

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