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To our wonderful Uitsig team

Our team at Uitsig inspires us every day. Their dedication, humour,  hard work and trustworthiness are incredible, and we love how they always go above and beyond - for us, and for guests. We believe that good teamwork is the most important ingredient in a well functioning business. Our team agrees that there are three things you can control every day: - your attitude - your effort - and your actions to be a great teammate. We've found that if you focus on these three elements, great things will happen. To our team: Frank (our landscaper and right-hand man) Koeloe and Sweet (our assistant landscapers) Sankies (our head chef ...

Uitsig Venue, a place of celebration

Uitsig Venue represents what our family farm has always been - a place of love, of people and of beauty. For that reason we have been fortunate, for several years, to share this special space with our guests.  It truly has become place of celebration! Celebration of relationships, birthdays and lives combined. Our garden is the foundation of our farm.  It is the physical manifestation of what we believe. Through care, attention and love the garden grows stronger, yet more beautiful. Like the vows that are sworn here. We plant a tree every time a marriage is sealed and over time we see it grow strong, like those relationships. ...

How to choose your wedding venue

Shortly after a couple gets engaged, they receive many well wishes and, inevitably, requests for details of the wedding.  When? Where?  Those questions are not always as easy to answer as a couple would like them to be. 

Spring time approaches at Uitsig

I can feel the excitement of spring as the almond trees, sweet peas, youngberries and  roses starts to form buds. 

A crisp winter wedding at Uitsig

Ruan and Marion were married at Uitsig next to the dam at the end of June this year. When they asked to have their ceremony next to the dam, we were apprehensive. While our picnic spot next to the dam is idyllic and very popular with couples-to-be, it is not the warmest spot in the middle of ...

A beautiful showcase of our Garden Route wedding venue

Ruan and Rouxlé got married at Uitsig in March this year. We loved how dynamically they used our wedding venue for each moment of their special day - from the couple photos at the dam and along the winding farm roads to the canapes under the pin oak tree, and the decor of the hall and the lawn outside. Everything sparkled with fairy lights and love. 

The history of Uitsig’s “blikkerkie”

As a wedding venue on the Garden Route, Uitsig has always been blessed with breathtaking views and locations for wedding ceremonies. Couples would get married under the towering 35-year-old pin oak tree, or perhaps in a beautiful white tent, if the weather threatened.

Uitsig’s beautiful and versatile gardens

The beautiful gardens at Uitsig are one of our favourite things about the venue – not just because of their prettiness and the way they change with the seasons, but because they are so versatile. Different couples have used them in such unique ways for their weddings, especially the pin oak tree that towers above an area made cosy with natural seating.

Getting ready to say “I do” at Uitsig

Some of our favourite photos from weddings – especially those shot at Uitsig – are of the bride and groom getting ready with their bridal parties. You can just feel the sense of anticipation, the butterflies…   When we meet couples for the first time when they come to look at our venue, one of the things they often remark on is how much they like the fact that both the bride and the groom can get ready at the venue itself – either in the guesthouse or the honeymoon suite.

Small, intimate weddings vs large celebrations

A lot of the decisions you make when planning your wedding hinge on the question: how many people do we want to invite? The choice to have a small, intimate wedding or a large celebration can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the day, and both types of weddings have their pros and cons. Here’s what we love about each option: