Keep your guests cool at your summer wedding

While December is peak wedding season in South Africa – all that gorgeous summer sunshine! – it does come with its own challenges. Like how to keep your guests cool if your wedding falls on a hot day.

Here are a few of our favourite tips:

Give your guests parasols

A little bit of (portable) shade goes a long way! A lawn dotted with parasols also looks lovely and festive. The only tricky part is the ceremony – if guests are seated in rows with parasols it can be difficult for those at the back to see what’s going, so ask everyone to lower them for the important bits.

Photo courtesy Judit Klein

Fun with sunnies

Bridal party pics are always some of the best ones of the day, but can be a bit tiresome if your bridesmaids and groomsmen are squinting into the sun. Give them some fun (inexpensive) sunglasses for some less serious pics. They’ll probably do the rounds later amongst the guests too!

Icy welcome drinks

If you do go for bridal party photos between the ceremony and the reception, make sure that your guests are met with deliciously cool welcome drinks. Ice, ice and more ice!


Pick a shady spot

Whether for the ceremony or a post-ceremony picnic, opt for a spot under leafy trees where guests can enjoy a breeze and cooler temperatures while they relax and take it all in.

At Uitsig, we have a beautiful old pin oak tree where brides and grooms often choose to have their ceremony. There’s also a wonderful shady area near the dam where guests can enjoy cool drinks and canapes, and the best of the South African summer!



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