The history of Uitsig’s “blikkerkie”

As a wedding venue on the Garden Route, Uitsig has always been blessed with breathtaking views and locations for wedding ceremonies. Couples would get married under the towering 35-year-old pin oak tree, or perhaps in a beautiful white tent, if the weather threatened.

But Uitsig owners, Johan and Annemarie, wanted to create another venue where couples could get married come rain or shine – and so the “blikkerkie” was born!

Annemarie had the idea to convert the old barn where Johan’s father used to milk his cows by hand, 70 years ago.

This came with it’s challenges, but together, Johan and Annemarie produced something truly beautiful which still retains some of its history.

Tuis magazine featured this story in a 2013 issue, which you can read below.

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