To our wonderful Uitsig team

  • uitsig wedding venue staff

Our team at Uitsig inspires us every day.

Their dedication, humour,  hard work and trustworthiness are incredible, and we love how they always go above and beyond – for us, and for guests.

We believe that good teamwork is the most important ingredient in a well functioning business.

Our team agrees that there are three things you can control every day:
– your attitude
– your effort
– and your actions to be a great teammate.

We’ve found that if you focus on these three elements, great things will happen.

uitsig wedding venue staff

To our team:

Frank (our landscaper and right-hand man)
Koeloe and Sweet (our assistant landscapers)
Sankies (our head chef and mother hen)
Dienie (our general assistant and comedian of the year)
Ashwin (our guesthouse manager and fashion icon)
Hanna (our general manager and wing-woman)
André (our barman and muscle man)
Donirika and Jordan (our little assistants and worm-catching experts who help us after school)

We say THANK YOU. The beautiful weddings we host at Uitsig would not be possible without your hard work.

uitsig wedding venue staff uitsig wedding venue staff

uitsig wedding venue staff uitsig wedding venue staff

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