Uitsig Venue, a place of celebration

Uitsig VenueUitsig Venue represents what our family farm has always been – a place of love, of people and of beauty.

For that reason we have been fortunate, for several years, to share this special space with our guests.  It truly has become place of celebration!

Celebration of relationships, birthdays and lives combined.

Our garden is the foundation of our farm.  It is the physical manifestation of what we believe.

Through care, attention and love the garden grows stronger, yet more beautiful. Like the vows that are sworn here.

We plant a tree every time a marriage is sealed and over time we see it grow strong, like those relationships.

On 21 October 2018 we celebrated GardendaySA with over 50 guests and enjoyed a lovely lunch, varieties of cake and the garden, trees and fresh mountain air that makes it all possible.

It was, most importantly, a day spent outside, with loved ones.

That is what Uitsig stands for and we are thankful for all those that attended our GardendaySA celebration.

Images courtesy Elmine Botha Photography and Cathé Photography.

Uitsig Venue Uitsig Venue


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